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Commercial Real Estate & Land Properties

Our team of experienced commercial real estate professionals focuses on the full spectrum of asset classes including multifamily, retail, office, industrial, land and hospitality, as well as specialty properties.

Asset Management

To us, great asset management is about applying information to achieve results consistent with the investment objectives of our clients, and that is what we do best.

Receivership Assistance

We have a reputation for circumventing much of the difficulty of real estate management in distressed areas and it’s with great confidence that LG aims to provide its receivership services on a broader scale.

Community Association Management

We bring a history of knowledge, critical skills, and execution discipline to apply on all of our property management assignments. The process starts with our professionals and clients working together to define clear objectives and to develop a business strategy that will maximize value for the owner.

Multifamily / Rental Management

Highly trained on-site management and supervisory professionals are empowered to make decisions regarding day-to-day operations. Our accounting staff, utilizing state-of-the-art information technology systems, produces timely financial reports for our owner-clients.

TIC Real Estate Investments & Partnership

As the price of real estate continues to decrease, and communities adopt ever-stricter growth and condominium conversion restrictions, more and more people are turning to tenancies in common and other non-traditional co-ownership structures as a way to maximize their buying and selling power.